Eumetrys provides optical metrology, particles inspection and layer thickness measurement tools.

We sell new and remanufactured equipment to semiconductor industrials and laboratories. Discover our Inspectrology IVS models for CD and Overlay measurement, YGK for surface contamination analysis, and EFiT-TT for layer thickness measurement.


Eumetrys offers maintenances, trainings, and process analysis in Europe and west Asia.

We provide preventive and curative maintenances, adaptive multi-level trainings or advanced data analysis. Together, control and optimize your production processes. Discover our full services offer by clicking here.


Eumetrys addresses standard and compound semiconductor, MEMS, LED and substrates industries.

We provide the most flexible and accurate metrology and particles inspection equipment with the best cost of ownership for a great number of key processes for III-V semiconductors, telecommunications, waveguides, VCSEL or power devices.


Eumetrys helps you to improve and to optimize your production support processes.

Our expert engineers help you to automate stepper control and qualification. Eumetrys’ specialists follow your process engineers in their contamination analyze of your opaque and transparent substrates as well as the optimum use of our layer thickness measurement tool.


Eumetrys is an international company of semiconductor experts for more than 20 years.

Learn more about us. Discover our history, our team of experts and our partnerships. Read our publications. Check what our customers and what the media say about us.


Request a virtual demonstration of our Inspectrology IVS and see its performances for yourself!

Eumetrys and its teams are available to answer any demand about our services and optical metrology, particles inspection, and reflectometry products.