EUMETRYS is the exclusive distributor for Inspectrology products in Europe.

We sell new and remanufactured optical metrology systems. Discover the new IVS200 model, a flexible automated optical measurement system for CD measurement, overlay measurement, structural 3D or LED measurement and many other capabilities.


EUMETRYS is the exclusive service provider for Inspectrology products in Europe.

We provide a full range of expert services – such as any level of maintenance or data analysis packages. We also provide a complete set of training for our products, we sell any spare parts for all IVS systems.


EUMETRYS sells optical metrology systems and provides expert services for various fields of practice.

We provide the most flexible and the unsurpassed cost of ownership accurate metrology for a large number of key process steps for III-V compound semiconductors, telecom, waveguides, laser manufacturing, VCSEL for automotive and power devices.


EUMETRYS helps you to improve your processes with state of the art optical metrology sytems.

Our team of experts helps you to improve and automate stepper qualification, stepper control & matching and process control with our yield improvement tools and services.


EUMETRYS, EUropean METRology sYStem company, was born in 2012 to support the IVS product line in Europe.

Learn more about us. Discover our history, our team of experts and our partnerships. Read our publications. Check what our customers and what the media say about us.


EUMETRYS is available for any inquiry about IVS products or questions about optical metrology systems.

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