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What the medias tell about EUMETRYS
Read what the media tell about EUMETRYS – European distributor of optical metrology, particles inspection, and layer thickness measurement systems for semiconductor, compound semiconductor, MEMS, and LED facilities.

New partnership with YGK
Particles inspection for standard and transparent substrates

Eumetrys joins its forces with the Japanese company YGK and offers particles contamination analysis equipments. Powerful and customizable, these tools answer the needs of semiconductor industry as well as compound semiconductor industries since they can work on both standard and transparent substrates.

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New partnership with Shashin Kagaku
Complete and compact tabletop interferometry

Discover the EFiT-TT, tabletop layer thickness measurement equipment on Si wafer and sample. This tool is designed by Shashin Kagaku, renowned Japanese equipment manufacturer. It is a compact, reliable, and complete instrument which will satisfy the needs of research institutes as well as moderate volume semiconductor industry.

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Partnership with Merconics to
Grow our activity in Germany

EUMETRYS concluded an association with Merconics which is in charge of our business development for the overlay and CD optical metrology system in Germany.
We are pleased to work with Merconics to develop our business in Germany.
If you need more information about our optical metrology system to measure overlay, CD and MEMs features on the SiC, GaAs, GaN, Glass, Quartz, MEMs and LED substrates as well as standard silicon wafers please do not hesitate to contact HARALD MODER at Merconics.