Eumetrys, associated with its partners
Multidisciplinarity servicing customer satisfaction

Our partners

Eumetrys is associated with several partners to answer as well as possible to its customer’ requirements.

The Company is focusing on its core business: Sales of optical metrology, particles inspection and layer thickness measurement equipments as well as associated services such as:
  • Maintenance,
  • Application support,
  • Training,
  • Advanced data analysis,
  • Supply of spare parts and consumables.

Public Relations partnerships

Eumetrys is SEMI member, a network gathering 2300 companies of the semiconductor sector and more than 250 000 leaders and technicians.

The association promotes the electronic industry development in the world and influences the growth of its stakeholders. SEMI is present internationally for 50 years and actively participates to the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, MEMS, LED and photonic industries spreading.

Eumetrys has integrated in 2019 Minalogic network, competitive cluster for digital technologies.

The association gathers more than 400 companies and public partners and finances hundreds of innovation projects up to 2 billion euros.

Its actions cover different domains such as microelectronic, communication and information technologies or Industry 4.0.

Eumetrys joins its forces with Angel Tech and Compound Semiconductor International.

This conference allows industrials and equipment manufacturers to meet. Organized in Brussels, Belgium, every end of year, the event gives the opportunity to better understand field issues and to know last innovations to propose an accurate product service offer.

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Ad’occ est un organisme public créé par la région Occitanie pour accompagner les entreprises dans le financement de leurs projets de développement.

Elle met aussi son expertise stratégique à disposition des projets d’innovations, de croissance et d’export des entreprises partenaires. Eumetrys est fière d’avoir été plusieurs fois sélectionnée pour participer à ses programmes de développement.


Support partnerships

Adimus helps Eumetrys in its human resources management since 2013.

Sandrine Court, leader, is our consultant in recruitment and management matters. In phase with our values and ambitions, she allows the Company and its collaborators to build a win/win relationship.

Gestion & Stratégie shares with Eumetrys its know-how in Small and Medium-sized Entreprises development domain.

With Thierry Callec, G&S brings us a fresh look oriented to operational implementation of the strategy. Our consultant provides us advices in the piloting of the company and helps us to build the vision of a radiant, powerful, and responsible Company.

BiZen supports Eumetrys in its activities’ diversification to Japanese partners.

With her experience in Japan, Christine Collin brings us her skills in international trade, intercultural relationships as well as strategic analysis.

Numix company is specialized in digital and immersive education. Its team of passionate people helps Eumetrys in the development of Inspectrology IVS 3D demonstration application.

The tool presents features and added values of optical metrology equipments.

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Sales partnerships

Eumetrys is associated with several business development companies to enlarge its international cover. We are happy to work with Merconics to develop our offer in Germany for major accounts with Harald Moder.

Eumetrys also works with Enrico Vacchelli of ABSEMI to develop major accounts in Italy.
These two partnerships give us the chance to combine technical expertise of our teams with keen understanding of field issues.