Automated optical metrology systems
Overlay registration and critical dimension measurement
Optical system ready to use to measure critical dimension and overlay registration

EUMETRYS, EUropeanMETRologysYStem company, is a service company supporting automatic metrology systems for semiconductor, compound semiconductor, MEMS and LED factories in Europe.
Thanks to a great number of years of expertise in optical measurement, Eumetrys sells automated optical metrology systems and their spare parts, provides application support, maintenance, and delivers trainings to users for MEMS, semiconductor market (GaAs, GaN, SiC, InP) and LED factories and laboratories.
We offer you the last-born of Inspectrology’s engineering offices: IVS220. At the cutting edge of technology, IVS 220 embeds innovations and features renowned for more than 40 years. New or refurbished, you will find here all technical specifications of the product.

To answer all your needs and budgetary constraints, Eumetrys is able to supply refurbished IVS200 and to guarantee performances of this tool proven by semiconductor industrialists. Click here for more detail
Willing to satisfy new customers as well as historical clients, Eumetrys updates IVS 1.X tools to last generation of IVS200. This solution enables to benefit of last and best performances of the equipment while complying with budgetary constraints of all our customers. Discover the offer here.

Eumetrys is the exclusive distributor in Europe and west Asia of the OEM Inspectrology LLC. IVS are automatic systems of critical dimension and overlay registration measures.


EUMETRYS now sells the new IVS 220 system, a high throughput automated optical measurement system at the cutting edge of metrology

This IVS 220 model offers the best Cost of Ownership for the most advanced technology measurement capabilities up to 200mm wafer size manufacturing factories. With a TPUT of 165 wafers per hour, under 1 nanometer precision 3 Sigma and 1 nanometer of TIS, the IVS 220 system is designed to meet today’s most advanced metrology needs.

The system uses the Image Base Overlay (IBO), and can measure critical dimension (CD), overlay registration (RG), Vernier, VIAS or bump diameters, height, and even slopes for measure of all patterns drawn under the resin layer in photolithography. IVS220 is designed to qualify technological levels up to 65nm for semiconductor factories but also to fulfill the need in flexibility in compound semiconductor industries with several substrates like SiC, InP, GaN and GaAs.
The system uses the proven basement of the IVS200 system to cover the multiple range of customer demands. From a famous and a reliable base, we have added high technology items such as ETEL stage to push the system to its limits in terms of speed and accuracy.

With the IVS220, Eumetrys and Inspectrology support industries and their ever-tightening process requirements.

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EUMETRYS is selling a flexible handling automatic optical metrology system for semiconductor, MEMS, LED, power and photonic industries

This IVS220 optical measurement tool is specialized in the Overlay Registration measurement for the stepper/scanner control and for the CD - Critical Dimension or Line Width - measurement.

It is built to handle various substrates sizes and types from 3” to 8” without any hardware change. It can measure transparent substrates as well as bonded silicon wafers without any hardware change.

EUMETRYS staff members have numerous years of expertise in the Semiconductor business; We deliver a cost-effective solution to our customers in the need for solution when MTBF and uptime are a concern. We work with a lot of factories having single path measurement system and therefore we have tightened our response time to minimum in order to reduce the Mean time to Repair to the customer satisfaction.

EUMETRYS represents INSPECTROLOGY with the IVS product line in Europe and in west Asia. We sell the new model IVS220 with the best cost of ownership for the market of 200mm substrate and below.

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Remanufactured IVS 200 models and tool upgrade to IVS 200

Depending on customer need and for budget constraint, we propose second hand systems without any caveats: warranty and specifications are guaranteed with the best Cost of Ownership (COO) of the market for this generation: the IVS200 system.

Within Eumetrys , we consider that all customer’s needs are worth a cost-effective solution. Therefore, we decided to supply second hand system fully remanufactured by our services.

We make you benefit from our expertise to remanufacture the legacies IVS200 systems that we build over the years and update them to the latest and greatest hardware and software solution.

These remanufactured tools are delivered according to their original guarantied specifications, acceptance, training and 12 months of warranty. They are fully supported by our services and our factory technical support.

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The IVS 200 model demonstrates advanced performances at the lowest Cost of Ownership supported by a semi standard user interface, a WIN10 OS GUI. More than just classical CD and overlay registration automatic measurements, the IVS200 offers a large range of metrology algorithms allowing the measurement of various structures for the semiconductor, compound semiconductor, MEMS, LED. It is widely present in Telecom, Power and Photonics industries.

This highly flexible system, allows the user to measure Overlay, CD and VIA in the same recipe. IVS200 also allows to measure CD with various orientations.

This IVS200 model offers a great flexibility in terms of measurement to enable its usage in compound semiconductor as well as in semiconductor when cost efficiency is key for your factory.

Photo flexible handling on IVS systems: from 75mm to 200mm without modification

Available upgrade to IVS200

All legacies IVS system models can be upgraded to the latest IVS200 software with SEMI-Standard WIN10 GUI and performance improvement.
IVS 1x models would benefit of 20% in precision and 60% in throughput by being upgraded to IVS200 base and recover their full serviceability.

We propose to trade directly your IVS1.X for a refurbished IVS200. Warranty covers all replaced spare parts as well as the new software.

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The optical metrology IVS system, an advanced automated platform running 75mm-200mm wafers (without any hardware change) is allowing the following metrology capabilities

For transparent substrates, we support a dedicated IVS system using a transparent aligner system based on an innovative imaging source; this allows measurement of clear wafers and advanced technology substrates from Glass, Quartz, GaN, GaAs, LiN and SiC substrates.

In-chip or monitoring of CD & overlay measurement in the same recipe – for standard production tracking
The tool is able to locate and measure CD, overlay or various patterns within the chip of your product for the production product control.

In-chip CD measurement

In-chip overlay registration measurement

From sub-micron CD or pitch measurements for advanced technology nodes to rather large CD or pitch measurements thank to a large objectives panel from 150X to 2.5X
For the various customer needs, the IVS200 system software is allowing the user’s to measure standard CD as well as sub-micron CD or pretty large CD up to the field of view size.

Sub micron CD or pitch measurement

Large CD or pitch measurement

New SiC / InP substrates
The IVS200 system is able to measure challenging patterns of new substrates using the transparent option for power, waveguides, photonics industries and VCSEL products
The IVS200 system is currently in use in most compound semiconductor manufacturer with volume production requirement.

Ridge CD of photonics

Laser opening for VCSEL

Structural 3D measurement algorithm
Structural MEMs, CD, CD height and VIA metrology (thank to circle fitting measurement capabilities) are commonly is use for the IVS200 system users.
The versatility of the IVS200 software allows the customer to measure in-chip or inside the scribe line for various metrology control on challenging layers.

Challenging VIAs in chip

MEMs printer head pad

Structural LED, VCSEL / Laser, CD measurement and VIA metrology
On new technology, the customer measurement demand had changed and the IVS200 system has been developed accordingly. The tool offers new Via algorithm and new capabilities to measure VCSEL aperture for instance.

In-chip VIAs measurement

VCSEL aperture measurement

Strong proven overlay capability down to 110 nm semiconductor processes
The IVS200 system is the cost-effective solution for measuring overlay registration feature in advance layer challenging context as well as difficult structures down to 110 nm Process node.

TiN overlay capability

Semi standard overlay advance layer

Specific measurement of very large overlays at the LETI – NanoImprint Lithography (NIL)

Sub-micron CD or pitch measurement


Exotic overlay pattern measurement and Vernier
In the new compound semiconductor production, the overlay demand is not always using the SEMI standard feature target to measure the overlay.
The IVS200 system is allowing non-standard overlay feature measurement including (non-exhaustive list) cross in a cross, Vernier, …
For each customer demand our applications team is working to find a solution for the customer.

Exotic overlay pattern

Overlay Vernier