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French legislation

Right to access the data file: any visitor who submitted the information on this site either directly or indirectly nominative may request the disclosure of personal information relating to the site administrator and rectify as appropriate, in accordance with French law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms.

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General Data Protection Regulation

The present privacy policy defines and informs you in the way that EUMETRYS uses and protects the information you provide us, if so, when you use the present website reachable from following URL: (below the “Website”).

Please note that this privacy policy can be modified or completed at any moment by EUMETRYS, including in order to comply to any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technological changes. In that case, the update date will be clearly defined at the top of the present policy. These amendments engage the User as soon as they are online. Therefore, it is necessary that the User frequently consults the present privacy policy and use of cookies in order to take note of potential changes.

I. Personal data

In general terms, you can visit the EUMETRYS Website without providing any personal information about yourself. In any case, you are not in any way force to transmit this information to EUMETRYS.

However, in case of refusal, you may not be able to benefit of certain information or services that you requested. For this reason, EUMETRYS may, in some cases, ask you to provide your last name, first name, email address, phone number, company and role (below your “Personal Information”). By providing this information, you accept expressly they are treated by EUMETRYS, for purposes given in point 2 below as well as for purposes reminded at the end of each form.

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) endorsed by European Parliament on April 14, 2016 and the modified Law on Computer Technology and Freedom dated January 6, 1978, EUMETRYS informs you of followings items:

1. Identity of data controller

Data controller is Yannick Bedin, having its headquarters Inovallée – 31C Chemin du Vieux Chêne - 38240 Meylan - France
Tel: +33 972 216 466

2. Purposes of the treatment

EUMETRYS can treat your Personal Informations:

(a) For purposes of providing you information or services you asked (including sending of newsletters, commercial offer, white book or evolution of your compliance level via a quiz); and/or

(b) For purposes of gathering information allowing us to improve our Website, our products and services (including through cookies); and/or

(c) For purposes of contacting you about several events relating to EUMETRYS, including among others upgrades of products and customer support.

3. Data recipient

Only EUMETRYS is data recipient of your Personal Information. Those, whether individual types or aggregated, are never providing to a third party, notwithstanding subcontractors that EUMETRYS call upon (you will find more information about subcontractors in point 7 below). Neither EUMETRYS, nor one of its subcontractors are commercializing of personal data of visitors and users of its Website.

4. Data retention period

Your Personal Information are retained by EUMETRYS only for the time corresponding to the purpose of collection as specified in 2 aforementioned which in any event does not exceed 24 months.

5. Right on Computing and Freedom

You have the following rights regarding your Personal Information that you can exercise by writing to us to the postal address mentioned at item 1 or by filling our contact form.

o Right of access and right to consult data

You can access Personal Information about you.

However, due to the duty of security and confidentiality in personal data treatment which is the responsibility of EUMETRYS, you are informed that your request will be processed if you provide a proof of your identity, including production of a scan of your valid identity card (in case of a request by our dedicated electronic form) or a signed photocopy of your valid identity card (in case of a request addressed in writing).

EUMETRYS informs you that he is in right, if need be, to oppose to requests obviously abusive (by reason of their quantity, repetitive or systematic nature).
To help you in your action, in particular if you want to exercise you right of access via a written request to the postal address mentioned at item 1, you will find, by clicking on the following link, a template of a letter elaborate by French data protection authority (the “CNIL”).

o Right to request the rectification and  erasure

As part of this right, legislation allows you to request the rectification, the update, the lock or the erasure of data about you which may be inaccurate, wrong, incomplete or obsolete.

Also, you can define general and specific directives relating to the fate of Personal Information after your death. If need be, heirs of a deceased person can require taking in consideration death of their relative and/or to proceed to necessary updates.

To help you in your action, in particular if you want to exercise, for your own or for one of your deceased relative, your right of rectification via a written request to the postal address mentioned at item 1, you will find, by clicking on the following link, a template of a letter elaborate by the CNIL.

o Right to object

The exercise of this right is only possible in the two following situations:

When the exercise of this right is based on legitimate reasons; or

When the exercise of this right aims to avoid that data collected are used for commercial prospecting.

To help you in your action, in particular if you want to exercise your right to object via a written request to the postal address mentioned at item 1, you will find, by clicking on the following link a template of a letter elaborate by the CNIL.

6. Response times

EUMETRYS commit to responding to your access, rectification or opposition request or any other additional information request in a reasonable time which may not exceed 1 month after reception of your request.

7. Authorized providers and transfer to a third country of the European Union

EUMETRYS informs you that it uses authorized providers to facilitate the collection and the treatment of data you send to us. These providers can be located outside of the European Union and have access to data gathered through forms presents on the Website (apart from the form proposed and exploited by EUMETRYS allowing to exercise your rights Computer and Freedom).

EUMETRYS previously ensured implementation by its providers of adequate guarantees and of strict conditions in terms of privacy, usage and protection of data. In particular, vigilance has been applied on presence of a legal basis to proceed any data transfer to a third country. For this reason, one of our providers is subject to internal company rules (or “Binding Corporate Rules”) which are approved by CNIL in 2016 when others obey not only to Standard Contractual Clauses but also to Privacy Shield.

8. Complaint to the competent authority

If you consider that EUMETRYS doesn’t respect its duties regarding your personal Informations, you can address a complaint or a request to the competent authority. In France, the competent authority is the CNIL to which you can address a request by electronic way by clicking on the following link:


When you first connect to the website of EUMETRYS, you are warned by a banner at the bottom of your screen that information related to your navigation are susceptible to be saved in files called “cookies”. Our policy of use of cookies allows you to understand better disposals that we implement in matter of navigation on our website. It informs you among other things of all cookies present on our website, their purposes (Part I.) and give you the process to set them up (Part II.).

1. General Information about cookies present on the website of EUMETRYS

EUMETRYS, as publisher of the present website, will be able to proceed the implantation of a cookie on the hard disk of your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in order to ensure you a fluid and best navigation on our website.

The “cookies” (or login witness) are little text files of small sizes which allow us to recognize your computer, your tablet or your smartphone for the purpose of customizing services we provide.

The information collected via cookies doesn’t permit in any case to identify you nominatively. They are used exclusively for our own needs to improve interactivity and performance of our website and to address you content adapted to your points of interest. None of this information is communicated to any third party except when EUMETRYS has obtained beforehand your consent or when divulgation of this information is required by law, by court order or any administrative or legal authority authorized to know them.

To better alert you on information that cookies identify, you will find below a table listing all different types of cookies susceptible to be used on the website of EUMETRYS, their names, their purposes as well as their retention period.

2. Configuration of your preferences about cookies

You can accept or decline the deposit of cookies at any moment by clicking here.

When you first connect to the website of EUMETRYS, a banner presenting quickly information related to the deposit of cookies and similar technologies appears at the bottom of your screen.

Depending on the type of the cookie, collection of your consent to the deposit and reading of cookies on your device may be required.

a. Cookies exempted of consent

In accordance with French data protection authority recommendations (CNIL), some cookies are exempted of the prior collection of your consent to the extent that they are strictly necessary to the running of the website or are for exclusive purpose to allow or to facilitate communication by electronic way. These include, in particular, session ID, authentication, load balancing session cookies as well as your interface customization cookies. These cookies are fully submitted to the present policy to the extent that they are emitted and managed by EUMETRYS.

b. Cookies requiring the prior collection of your consent

This requirement concerns cookies emitted by third parties and which are qualified of “persistent” to the extent that they remain in your device up to their erasure or their expiry date.

Such cookies are emitted by third parties, their use and their deposit are subject to their own privacy policy of which you will find a link below. This family of cookies includes cookies of audience measurement (including PIWIK), advertisement cookies (to which EUMETRYS doesn’t use) as well as cookies of sharing of social networks (including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Cookies of audience measurement establish statistics concerning attendance and use of various elements of the website (such as contents/pages you have visited). This data participates to the improvement of ergonomic of the website of EUMETRYS. A tool of audience measurement is used on the present website:

o Google Analytics of which privacy policy is available as from the following link:

c. You dispose of various tools for cookies configuration

Most of the web browsers are configured by default to authorize cookies deposit. Your browser gives you opportunity to modify these standards settings in such a way that all cookies are systematically rejected or only a part of cookies is accepted or rejected according to their sender.

WARNING: We draw your attention on the fact that the refusal of the deposit of cookies on your device is nevertheless susceptible to alter your user experience as well as your access to some services or functionalities of the present website. If so, EUMETRYS declines any responsibility concerning consequences related to the deterioration of your navigation conditions that occurs because of your choice to refuse, delete or block cookies necessary to the running of the website. These consequences can’t constitute a damage and you will not be able to pretend to any indemnity due to this fact.

Your browser allows you also to delete existing cookies on your device or to warn you when new cookies are susceptible to be dropped on your device. These settings don’t have impact on your navigation but make you lose all benefits bring by the cookie.

Please, take in consideration below various tools put at your disposal so that you can set up cookies dropped on your device.

d. Setting up of your web browser

Each web browser proposes its own settings of cookie management. To know the way to change your preferences in matter of cookies, you will find below links to access to the menu of your browser provided for this purpose:

Chrome :

Firefox :

Internet Explorer :

Opera :

Safari :

For wide information concerning tools of cookies mastery, you can consult the website of the CNIL:

e. Setting up of tarteaucitron tool

Deactivation of cookies can also be done directly by clicking on this link. To deactivate a cookie, you just have to click on the cross next to the proposed service. If all cookies are deactivated, the banner dedicated to collect the consent of the user will appear when the page is refreshed.

For any inquiry or complementary request of information related to the present policy of cookies, please contact us by letter or thanks to our contact form.