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Yannick Bedin
Sales Manager @ EUMETRYS
INPG 1996 – Process Engineer
20 years of expertise @ Semiconductors
Fabrice Diasparra
Project Manager @ EUMETRYS
Expert in measurement systems
21 years of expertise @ Semiconductors
PhD Kevin Lepinay
Applications manager @ EUMETRYS
PhD Characterization Tech @ STM Crolles
8 years of expertise in Semiconductors

Anas Nakib
Service Technician Jr. @ EUMETRYS
A-Level Electronic Degree
Technical support in a mechanical Co
Karine Szygenda
Executive assistant @ EUMETRYS
Social Science University License
Previously CEO of a Stonecutter Co.
Thomas Jacquet
Apprentice Engineer @ EUMETRYS
INPG – Industrial Engineering & Mngmt
Project Manager

Rémy Poupard
TPS & Dev. Director @ EUMETRYS
Electronics & Analytical chem. degrees
24 years of expertise @ Metrology
Adrien Astoul
Robotics Business Developer @ EUMETRYS
Master’s degree international business negotiator @ IFCIM
Sarah Dohle
Applications engineer @ EUMETRYS
Master’s degree in semiconductor tech.
Univ. Duisburg-Essen Germany
15 years of expertise @ Semiconductor

Sandrine Court
External HR Support @ EUMETRYS
CEO at ADIMUS, HR consulting Co.
20 years of Expertise in HR Mgmt.
Christine Collin
External Mkg. Support @ EUMETRYS
CEO BiZen, Sales Strategy consulting
Prev. Head of commercial distribution Rmn-GP
Thierry Callec
External Strategic support @ EUMETRYS
Previously CEO Canat Co.
IFAG Business school & ISM Strategic marketing