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Standard exchange & Robots and load port reparation

Eumetrys Robotics is the new Eumetrys’ brand specialized in critical handling robot and load port reparation for semiconductor industry. We can operate for you, standard exchanges as well as defective materials reparation. Our experts take care to supply to you quality tools and a full and safe installation including teaching.
When we realize a standard exchange, critical spare parts and consumables are automatically renewed with defective ones. Robots, controllers, prealigners and load ports undergo a 48-hour marathon of rehearsal tests and are fully guaranteed.
Eumetrys Robotics team is specialized in support to semiconductor industry for more than 20 years. Based in Grenoble, France, we can intervene very quickly in all Europe and solve any urgent replacement demand. Furthermore, the partner we are working with on robot and load port reparation, is referent for TSMC.
Eumetrys Robotics can handle hundreds of robots, controllers, prealigners, and load ports references. Our specialists organize the reparation, overhaul, and exchange but also installation and supply chain. Discover our offer and the catalogue by clicking here.