Inspectrology IVS, YGK & EFiT-TT trainings
Optical metrology, particles inspection, layer thickness measurement
Certified users for quality measurement

Thanks to its expert trainers, Eumetrys proposes trainings for all its equipment: Inspectrology IVS, YGK, and EFiT-TT. These sessions allow each user to get a grip on tools and to use them at their best performances. Discovery and mastery of software’s interface, recipe creation and optimization or problem-solving method, are themes seen during our trainings.
We adapt our sessions to your needs. That’s why, Eumetrys’ experts offer trainings adjusted to expected level of excellence. We know that each user has his own requirements. Our trainers deliver “Beginner” trainings for a basic use of our equipment as well as “Experienced” trainings for a complete, safe, and efficient use. Our training sessions can be delivered on site or remotely.

Eumetrys applications team supports you in your escalation projects. Thanks to a great number of years of expertise in semiconductor and compound semiconductor sectors, our engineers will help you to establish an action plan guaranteeing a full cover of your needs and an optimal use of our equipment.

EUMETRYS is also able to offer basic and advanced maintenance training for your IVS systems (advanced training only available at Inspectrology).

These trainings are given by experts of Inspectrology IVS, YGK and EFiT-TT systems and are always customized according to the customer’s need.

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