Recognized experts to service optical metrology systems
Support for IVS Inspectrology products in Europe

Spare parts

EUMETRYS supports associated services
for all IVS products

  • Expert service and support for IVS optical metrology systems by long-time experienced engineers at your site
  • World wide support using local engineers and global expertise
  • Contract and non-contract services offered on demand
  • Complete stock of new and reconditioned spare parts at cost-effective prices for all IVS models
  • Complete in house rebuilding / testing capability offered by our partnership with Inspectrology
  • Advanced data analysis package proposed in association with our external resources
  • Strong corporate support with our partnership from Inspectrology
  • We proudly report over 300 systems delivered to our customers

Preventive Maintenance services are proposed in Europe by EUMETRYS in order to ensure that the IVS systems are running to factory specifications. We are able to combine our applications expertise with the preventive maintenance, to address and answer all customer's questions and to resolve issues and concerns on the fly when possible or to report specific issues to the Inspectrology engineering platform via our escalation process when necessary. On top of that, we always work with process engineers to ensure that multiple IVS tools are well matched within a given site for an efficient measurement strategy.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) services on IVS products are recommended on a quarterly basis. EUMETRYS proposes various service contracts for your IVS systems, from basic contract coverage all the way up to the full service support programs. We also design customized service contracts for our customers. All of our service contracts are backed by our expertise for the entire IVS metrology system line. We also provide PM on a non-contract basis.

Preventive Maintenance services are available for all IVS metrology tool models including IVS 200, IVS 185, IVS 165, IVS 155, IVS 135, IVS 130, IVS 120.