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Maintenance for particles inspection, optical metrology, and layer thickness measurement
Eumetrys is the provider of associated services of optical metrology, interferometry, and particle contamination analysis systems. Our expert engineers ensure a continuous operation of your tools. Eumetrys guarantee manufacturer’s specifications, thanks to a complete offer based on forecasting, responsiveness, and adaptation. We propose several contracts to adjust the number of preventive and curative maintenances to your real needs.

Eumetrys is composed by a multidisciplinary team. The diversity of our competencies allows us to meet your needs whether you are an industrial or a research institute. We combine the expertise of service engineers of semiconductor domain for more than 20 years with the fresh look of our juniors.

Therefore, Eumetrys is the privileged partner of semiconductor industries and nanoelectronics laboratories on optical metrology, particles inspection and layer thickness measurement questions.

maintenance contracts

Eumetrys supports services associated to the maintenance of IVS, YGK, and Shashin Kagaku products

Our maintenance contracts are fully customizable according to your exact needs. We adapt ourselves to your requirements to guarantee that your equipment operates flawlessly. Team engages itself to intervene on your site in less than 48H depending the chosen contract, and to resolve each incident with devotion. We’ll leave your site only when your problem will be solved and when we’ll be sure that you are completely satisfied.

Eumetrys offers several service contracts for your equipment from basic cover contracts to full support programs in which we guarantee a maximum availability. All subscribed contracts include a consumables replacement.

We also design customized service contracts for our customers. All our maintenances are realized by our experts of IVS, YGK and Shashin Kagaku equipment. Likewise, we provide preventive and curative maintenances on demand.

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Applications support for an efficient use

Franco-German applications team of Eumetrys is composed by renowned experts from semiconductor and compound semiconductor sectors. Lead by PhD Kevin Lepinay, the division can quickly intervene on European territory and in West Asia in presence or remotely.

Our application support is available to help customers’ process engineers to troubleshoot dysfunctional recipes. Thanks to their mastery of metrology, particles inspection and layer thickness measurement equipment, and their experience in the semiconductor sector, they guarantee the optimal operation of your tools.

Furthermore, we can provide advanced data analysis to maintain efficiency of your processes. Our expert engineers ensure a perfect integration of our tools to your production sites and propose best metrology and inspection strategies. In case of any specific demand, our teams communicate directly with our partner equipment manufacturers to always meet your needs as our clients testify.

Maintenance and applications services are available for all our equipment including IVS (IVS220, IVS200, IVS185, IVS165, IVS155, IVS135, IVS130, IVS120), YPI-MX-DC, YPI-MX and EFiT-TT.