Optical metrology & particles inspection
for compound semiconductor III-V
Overlay and CD optical metrology IVS,
Particles inspection for opaque and transparent substrates
The variety of the III-V compound semiconductor materials has favored the need in controlling and tracking daily the material quality, the deposit thickness and the pattern feature size on materials as challenging as GaN, GaAs, LiNbO3, InP, Saphire and SiC. Today, these materials, heavily implicated in the power usage reduction, have considerably increased in usage even within standard semiconductor facilities.

Some facilities are added the III-V materials on top of the standard semiconductor materials to improve the power consumption or accelerate the exchanged through the device. These materials are therefore implicated within the final component yield and measurements either in specific cells or within the device, as in-chip measurement, are key to the return on investment calculation.
Eumetrys and its partners Inspectrology, Shashin Kagaku, and YGK are constantly focusing their attention on providing the most flexible and the most reliable support for a large number of key processes steps to allow the customer to concentrate on key devices performances.

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