EFiT-TT, a full and compact interferometer
combined to Eumetrys’ expertise
Tabletop layer thickness measurement
EFiT-TT, Eumetrys Film Thickness – Tabletop

Looking to satisfy requirements of laboratories, research institutes and moderate volume semiconductor industry, Eumetrys offers you the EFiT-TT. The interferometric equipment for layer thickness measurement, crystallinity, or density evaluation is a low cost and compact tool which efficiently answers a great number of applications on wafer or sample.
Eumetrys and Shashin Kagaku join their forces to offer you this interferometric product. Shashin Kagaku company is settled in Japan since 1868 and operates in precision and electronic equipment sector. The Japanese firm is renowned by its customers for its reliability, commitment and for its instruments’ quality.
Eumetrys ensures all associated services to EFiT-TT. We carry out, on your site, installation, preventive and curative maintenances as well as customized trainings. The partnership between these two French and Japanese companies allows to combine an efficient tool to the service quality, expertise, and the responsiveness of Eumetrys.

Layer thickness measurement

EFiT-TT, a compact interferometer

EFiT-TT is a compact equipment allowing to measure layer thickness with a great simplicity. This interferometry tool is extremely flexible and is destined to laboratories, research institutes and semiconductor industry. Its reduced size will save space in your clean room and its low cost will not cut the budget you can allocate to your R&D. However, EFiT-TT capabilities will cover all your needs and applications on wafer or sample:
  • Layer thickness measurement up to 9 layers at high speed
    • Bandpass interference filters
    • Composite multilayer film
    • Trench
  • Sub-micron pattern density estimation using Effective Medium Approximation (EMA)
  • Local area crystallinity evaluation
  • Measurement of film thickness distribution
  • Density evaluation on porous film
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EFiT-TT, an affordable and powerful reflectometer

EFiT-TT interferometer is a tabletop equipment for all types of silicon wafers and samples. Its 0.1nm resolution will help you to analyze the thinnest layers of your substrates. You can select wavelength of light source between 450nm and 750nm with 1nm step. Furthermore, several microscope mags are available to satisfy your requirements and to answer all your applications. We offer 1x, 5x and 50x lenses. EFiT-TT can analyze both simple and complex structures on substrates of several types of material and samples.

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