Years of expertise in optical metrology
Our history for photolithography yield improvement

EUMETRYS SAS was born in 2012 to support the IVS product line in Europe, following the buy-out of the IVS product line from INSPECTROLOGY LLC company. Since then EUMETRYS represents INSPECTROLOGY in the whole of Europe and Israel.

INSPECTROLOGY is the OEM company for the IVS brand.

We also support various upgrades to the IVS system and supply all necessary spare parts for the IVS product line (all models).

The IVS product line has a long history:
Original IVS system name and brand
IVS was founded in 1980 to provide metrology systems for the semiconductor industry
SCHLUMBERGER previous owner of IVS systems
In 1997 IVS was purchased by Schlumberger and later spun off as Soluris
Soluris previous owner of IVS tools
In 2006, Soluris was purchased by Nanometrics
NANOMETRICS Partner and previous owner of Optical CD IVS systems
In September 2012, Inspectrology purchased the IVS product line from Nanometrics

IVS Optical CD and Overlay measurement system brend

Represented by


Since 2012, EUMETRYS has developed some competencies to do service support for some other products line and our team support the maintenance and the applications for the NANOMETRICS material characterization products for instance:  FTIR / RPM.
Overlay and reflectometry systems are part of the core expertise of our company.
In 2018, Eumetrys has strengthened its resources to improve its capacity to serve customers with a best response time. Eumetrys values the customer satisfaction as the first key item of its business.

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