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Last update: 2018-03-20

Easy to use Critical Dimension and Overlay IVS optical system

Easy to use Critical Dimension and Overlay IVS optical system      EUMETRYS is the OEM representative to sell the IVS product line from INSPECTROLOGY in Europe :

NEW IVS200 Model
IVS 120 / IVS 130 / IVS 135
IVS 155 / IVS 165 / IVS 185

EUMETRYS is selling Automatic Optical Metrology System for Semiconductor Industry

We represent IVS product line in Europe. We sell the new model IVS200 with the best COO for the Market of 200mm substrate and below.

We also supply second hand remanufactured system: the different models IVS120 / IVS130 / IVS135 / IVS155 / IVS165 / IVS185 as second hand systems.

For any specific tool brochure please request via contact.

This Optical Measurement tool is specialized in the CD (Critical Dimension or Line Width) measurement and Overlay Registration measurement.

IVS system for Compound Semiconductor lithographie measurement Flexible handling on IVS systems:  from 75mm to 200mm without modification

We also support various upgrades to the IVS system and supply all necessary spare parts for the IVS product line (all models).

The IVS Product Line has a long history:

Original IVS system name and brend
IVS was founded in 1980 to provide metrology systems for the Semiconductor Industry
SCHLUMBERGER previous owner of IVS systems
In 1997 IVS was purchased by Schlumberger and later spun off as Soluris
Soluris previous owner of IVS tools

In 2006, Soluris was purchased by Nanometrics
NANOMETRICS Partner and previous owner of Optical CD IVS systems

In September 2012, Inspectrology purchased the IVS product line from Nanometrics

IVS Optical CD and Overlay measurement system brend

The Optical Metrology IVS system, an advanced Automated platform running 75mm-200mm wafers (withour any hardware change) is showing the following capabilities: 
 CD & Overlay measurement in the same recipe
 Sub-micron CD measurement
New SiC substrate capable using the transparent option
 Structural MEMs, CD and VIA metrology
 Structural LED, CD measurement and VIA metrology
 Strong proven overlay capability down to 110nm Semiconductor processes

Versatility of the IVS system measurement : VIAs, CD, Overlay and MEMs features

For transparent substrates, we support a dedicated IVS system using a transparent aligner system based on an innovative imaging source; this allows measurement of clear wafers and advanced technology substrates from Glass, Quartz, GaN, GaAs, LiN and SiC substrates.


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